The Doors

The Doors are, well... you know who The Doors are. The Doors have created a legacy that has lasted decades and will continue to influence generations to come. Idea Den began working with The Doors in late 2012, building a new digital hub for The Doors legacy.

Stocking the store with new merchandise became an obvious goal. I was given the honor of working on t-shirt designs and brainstorming new products. A couple of my t-shirts are below as well as sticker ideas. A thought I had was to turn popular show bills and paraphernalia into stickers.

The-Doors-Vinyl-Shirt-01 The-Doors-Vinyl-Shirt-02 The-Doors-Hello-Shirt-01 The-Doors-Hello-Shirt-02 The-Doors-Stickers-01 The-Doors-Stickers-02